NSBE DC members at the Annual Membership BBQ.

The key to the continued vitality of NSBE DC is its membership. Providing opportunities for our members to connect and give back is of utmost importance. Our membership spans from recent graduates to retired professionals, so the chapter provides opportunities and conducts events that connect them with each other and the broader community. Furthermore, members are encouraged to involve themselves in the community through service within NSBE DC and with other peer organizations in the area.

Events and Programs:

Annual Membership BBQ: The Membership BBQ marks the beginning of each programming year. This family friendly event also serves as a membership drive and celebration of NSBE DC’s rich history. Over 100 NSBE DC members, area NSBE members, family and friends gather at this event every year.

A Walk for Education: A Walk for Education is a signature NSBE National Program and is part of the TORCH (Technical Outreach for Community Help) Initiative, established in 2004 to narrow the digital divide. The walk is a grassroots activity to distribute and communicate information about preparation for college and careers in STEM fields, in addition to conducting a food drive.

Feed the Hood: The chapter partners with the National Black United Front for Feed the Hood, which provides toiletries, foodstuffs, and clothing for low-income residents in Washington, DC.

Mix and Mingle “Shoot Your Shot” Mixer: This Membership Committee event will provide attendees an opportunity to relax and have a good time with fellow NSBE DC members and supporters. The event will be held around NCAA’s March Madness; therein the “Shoot Your Shot” theme. Attendees will mix, meet new people over food, and develop new friendships and relationships over March Madness.

Membership Appreciation Celebration: The Membership Appreciation Event is a celebration of the contributions of our members and is the chapter’s close out event. Outstanding members will be recognized for their contribution to the chapter.

NSBE FIT Month: Personal health is a priority for members of the chapter. FIT Month will consist of Trap Yoga and a Walkathon at the National Mall. Both event will help NSBE DC members and supporters understand the importance of fitness and health/wellness in their lives.

#2Hype Tuesday Happy Hours: Every second Tuesday of the month, NSBE DC members and supporters gather together for informal happy hours. The hashtag #2HypeTuesday is an communication initiative by the Region 2 NSBE Professionals board to highlight the great activities regional chapters are doing.

Get Involved with Membership and Community Service

Email membership@nsbedc.org to join the committee and get involved in planning membership and community service engagement activities.

NSBE DC Members at the 2018 Mix and Mingle at Halfsmoke Restaurant.