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Since its founding by six visionary leaders in 1975, the National Society of Black Engineers has grown to more than 32,000 members globally, blossoming into a leading force in the lives of technical professionals and students on college campuses worldwide. NSBE DC Professionals was established in 1989 and officially chartered in 1990 with 20 members led by Harold Goodridge, its first president and a current member of the chapter today. The chapter has been active in the region for nearly 30 years with a strong indelible legacy of excellence and dedication to our members and the community.

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Programs are at the core of the NSBE Mission and the collegiate programs are the foundation of the organization.

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It is now more important than ever for people of color to be given access to opportunities to showcase their talent and entrepreneurial spirit. Even during times of layoffs and pandemics, NSBE is working hard to support our 20,000+ members.
Do your part to help build and sustain your future by helping us sustain ours!
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