Leadership Opportunities

Nominations for the 2020-2021 NSBE DC Professionals Executive Board are currently open!
Elections will be held during the June General Body Meeting for the following positions:

NSBE DC President

NSBE DC Vice President

NSBE DC Secretary

NSBE DC Treasurer

Participation on the NSBE DC Executive Board is an excellent opportunity to get involved in the Chapter.
As of now, members may make nominations here.

Executive Board Positions

 If you are interested in any executive board position please feel free to nominate yourself or someone you feel is qualified.
See the 2020 NSBE DC Professionals Candidate Handbook for guidance (under Elections).


Please contact Natasha Harris, NSBE DC Parliamentarian, at parliamentarian@nsbedc.org for additional
questions or if you are interested in serving on the Elections Committee.


It is now more important than ever for people of color to be given access to opportunities to showcase their talent and entrepreneurial spirit. Even during this difficult time, NSBE is working hard to support our 20,000+ members.
Do your part to help build and sustain your future by helping us sustain ours!