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Each committee meets monthly. For the next meeting, refer to the Event Calendar or reach out to the appropriate POC.

Audit Committee

Description: The Audit Committee will provide oversight to the NSBE DC chapter on matters relating to financial reporting and disclosure, internal policies and controls, as well as regulatory compliance. This will ensure that the financial practices of the chapter are objective, fair, complete and accurate. The reviews provided by the Audit Committee will help to ensure that the chapter’s resources are used efficiently and effectively while working towards the organization’s mission.
POC: treasurer@nsbedc.org

College Initiative Committee

Description: The College Initiative Committee is responsible for forging and retaining a working relationship between NSBE DC Professionals and local Washington DC Area NSBE Student Chapters. The College Initiative Committee coordinates and sponsors various activities geared towards academic development among college students. The College Initiative Committee coordinates with local NSBE DC Student Chapters to sponsor joint programs and events centered on academic excellence as well as cultural and technical awareness.
POC: collegeinitiative@nsbedc.org

Finance Committee

Description: The NSBE DC Professionals Finance Committee is responsible for the development of the chapter’s financial strategy and ensuring financial vitality through the fiscal year. The Finance Committee coordinates all chapter fundraisers and provides assistance and oversight of committee fundraisers. This committee is responsible for soliciting donations and corporate sponsorship for chapter events and programs.
POC: finance@nsbedc.org

Membership Committee
Description: The Membership Committee works to promote chapter membership as well as ensure member retention. The Membership Committee sponsors various activities geared towards recruiting new members and developing unity and camaraderie among current members. The committee works to generate chapter exposure at events such as Career Fairs, Symposiums and Technical Conferences.
POC: membership@nsbedc.org

Pre-College Initiative Committee
Description: The purpose of the Pre-College Initiative Committee is to develop local NSBE Jr. Chapters, share STEM expertise, and also serve as role models to grammar, junior high, and high school students in the DC Metropolitan area. Pre-College Initiative activities include career panels, the PCI Summit and additional interactive STEM-based activities with NSBE Jr. Chapters.
POC: pci@nsbedc.org

Professional Development Committee
Description: The purpose of the Professional Development committee is to coordinate the professional and career development among chapter members. The Professional Development Committee coordinates guest speakers from various professions, to discuss topics related to technology, entrepreneurship, personal development as well as personal business management.
POC: professionaldevelopment@nsbedc.org

Publications & Public Relations Committee
Description: The Publications & Public Relations Committee is responsible for the development of the chapter publications and management of external marketing for the chapter. Publications include the biannual newsletter, the weekly e-digest, the solicitation packet, event program booklets and flyers. The committee also manages the social media presence of the chapter. The Publications & Public Relations Committee provides marketing services for the other committees with the mission of maintaining a unified voice of NSBE DC. The committee needs members with the following backgrounds or interest in gaining experience in these roles: social media specialists, graphic designers, photographers and writers.
POC: pr@nsbedc.org

Special Events Committee
Description: The NSBE DC Professionals Special Event Committee is responsible for the coordination and implementation of the Annual NSBE DC Professionals Scholarship Banquet, held each spring. In coordination with other committees, the Special Events Committee coordinates ticket sales, invitations, promotion and financing of the banquet. The Annual Scholarship Banquet is hosted to recognize the recipients of the NSBE DC Professionals Scholarship Award, as well as members who have made significant contributions to the NSBE DC Professionals through the course of the year.
POC: specialevents@nsbedc.org

Telecommunications Committee
Description: The Telecommunications Committee is responsible for the development, maintenance and implementation of updates to the NSBE DC Professionals Internet site, as well as management of the of the NSBE DC Professionals email list serve. The committee serves as the NSBE DC Professionals link to the worldwide web by ensuring all information pertaining to chapter programs and activities is made accessible to the viewing public, thus providing NSBE DC professionals with greater exposure, locally, nationally and internationally.
POC: telecommunications@nsbedc.org